Please carefully follow the steps given below to use the COOKIES :-

Step 1 : Bookmark the "coder143 JS 2.2" javascript.

                        coder143 JS 2.2

    Drag the above "coder143 JS 2.2" link and drop it on your
browser's bookmarks or favourites bar.
Step 2 : Open the desired website.
    Open the website for which you want to load the Cookie
(e.g., etc.)
    Wait untill the website loads completely.
Step 3 : Click the "coder143 JS 2.2" bookmark.
    From your browser's bookmarks/favourites bar click
the recently bookmarked "coder143 JS 2.2" link.
    After clicking it, a prompt will appear asking you
to enter the Cookie.
Step 4 : Enter the Cookie.
    Paste the cookie in the prompt textbox and click Ok button.
    A message will be shown about whether the Cookie
has been loaded successfully or not.
Step 5 : Refresh the page.
    Refresh the page by pressing 'F5'.
    If the Cookie is valid then you will see a Premium account.
Step 6 : After Logging IN, never Log OUT.
    Logging OUT will expire the Cookie and no one
will be able to use it again.
    So, please never Logout.